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Société Bistro & Bar announces summer menu, drinks

Société Bistro & Bar has announced a special summer menu featuring king prawn under a veil of watermelon, lavender duck breast and signature cocktails, according to a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal.

King prawn under a "watermelon veil"

The menu represents the typical ingredients, tastes, and colors of the season, the press release says. Dishes include a cold fruit soup made from fresh seasonal fruits, king prawn tartare with mint and trailing iceplant under a veil of watermelon, and lavender duck breast plated with peach and fennel. Desserts include a creation from raspberrry, hops, ice cream, and chocolate.

The food concepts were created by head chef Norbert Krasznai and his team, while the desserts variations were invented by Zsanett Barna. The signature cocktails were created by the bartenders following the guidance of bar manager Zsolt Tarjányi.

"The key of changing the menu is using seasonal ingredients," says Krasznai.

"In every season there is at least 20 ingredients we can combine. There are standard combinations, we season these and expand them in a way to bring a unique, unforgettable taste experience. A meal has two or three main ingredients, we develop these further, as the knowledge of ingredients is very important, to create taste-pairings and ingredient combinations that harmonize with each other or highlight the taste of each other."

There are also cocktail-pairings to go along the dishes. "For the fruit soup, we dreamt up an alcohol-free drink with lemongrass, green apples, and strawberry spiced up with a few drops of vinegar," says Tarjányi.

"For the watermelon-king prawn dish, we created a drink with cucumbers, watermelon, and Aperol also using Bergamotto liqeur. For the duck main course, we offer gin with fennel and peach. We came up with a beer cocktail to go with the pistacchio dessert."