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PM puts New Hungary program to Parliament

The second Gyurcsány government's program, dubbed New Hungary, will focus on creating quality jobs, modern industry and services in the country and will fight child hunger, the prime minister announced as he submitted the new government program for debate in Parliament on Thursday.

The program outlines building centers for knowledge, new roads and railway lines, the launch of regional and micro-regional development schemes, reforms in agriculture and health care as well as plans to eliminate environmental pollution in the country.
In his introductory speech, Gyurcsány said public administration staff will have to be cut and party financing made transparent. The New Hungary program will have on average Ft 1,000 billion at its disposal annually from public funds as of 2007 to spend on changing residents' day-to-day lives, Gyurcsány said, adding this was an unforeseen opportunity.
Gyurcsány called a five-party meeting to discuss public administration and local government reforms, which require a two-thirds majority support in parliament for this weekend, before the new government’s first session next week.