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Number of businesses rises 1% in twelve months to September

There were 1,294,000 registered businesses in Hungary at the end of September, just 1% more than a year earlier, the Central Statistics Office (KSH) announced on Friday. The number of companies increased 11,000 and the number of non-profit organizations rose 2,000 during the period. The number of central budget-funded organizations fell by 167. KSH noted that while the number of registered companies rose 17,000 in the twelve months to September, the number of self-employed individuals fell 6,000.
There were 493,000 registered companies (excluding non-profit organizations and self-employed individuals) at the end of September, 3.6% more than a year earlier. The biggest rise was recorded for the number of limited liability companies, which rose 7% to about 220,000. The number of limited partnerships rose 1.1%, also to about 220,000. These two company forms account for 90% of all businesses. The number of self-employed individuals was almost 711,000 at the end of September.