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New cases of bird flu suspected South Hungary

A total of 580 geese will be culled at a farm in Külsőgalambos in Bács-KiskunCounty in southern Hungary in the wake of suspected bird flu, the chief veterinary officer. The owner of the farm reported irregular behaviour of his geese to the local vet, Miklós Süth said, adding that authorities had ordered a one-kilometre quarantine zone around the farm, where all other poultry would have to be culled. He said further cases could be expected in the region, where the virus was still taking its toll. On Monday the culling of 14,000 ducks was ordered in nearby Csolyospálos because of suspected bird flu infection. The vet found those birds to be suffering from a nervous system disorder that could have been caused by the H5N1 virus.

Nearly 12000 birds – geese and ducks - are awaiting to be culled in the area of Kiskunmajsa, at over thirty farmers. Some of the slaughterhouses cannot take over the poultry as their culling would mean payup and a lot of extra work. The CEO of the Hungerit Poultry Processing Plant Zrt. Said that they work continuously, but can only takeover poultry from the region to which they were contracted previously. (MTI, TV2)