Are you sure? launches Europe’s first online fitness school

Hungarian company has launched what it calls Europe’s first online school for fitness trainers, offering both regular and National Qualifications Register (OKJ) certified courses for aerobics, dance, and fitness instructors.

Szilvia Gyöngyösi, director of

The theoretical and practical courses are given by experts through videos, but students may chat with their instructors online or even meet them in person, according to a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal. The website also offers a free trial of several courses.

“Our courses are conducted with a flexible timetable, there are no fixed schedules, so we can adapt to everyone’s needs,” says Szilvia Gyöngyösi, director of She says the courses are accessible by smartphones and tablets, as well as computers.

The online school offers courses for both beginners and professionals. The OKJ courses include fitness instructor, sports instructor, and aqua trainer, however these courses are only partially via e-learning.

“I’ve been working for years as a trainer and instructor. Many of my courses were cancelled, because the trainers had issues with travel, babysitting, or the distance,” Gyöngyösi notes. The clients have unlimited access to all videos and texts for 30 days, and she says the costs are vastly lower than those of regular offline courses.

To apply, one has to have the necessary education (usually a high school certificate), and a certificate of good health. Upon completion, the online school also offers marketing advice to the trainers, along with possible job search assistance. Gyöngyösi adds that those who sign up for an OKJ course in August may also participate in a regular course of their choice free of charge.