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MTelekom offers discount calls in Romania

Magyar Telekom launched EUfonika, a new brand and service in the Romanian telecommunications market, today to offer favorably priced telephone calls to Romanian customers, the company announced at a press conference in Bucharest. Hungary's leading telco appears on its second Southeast European market, following its Bulgarian acquisition in November 2005.


The EUfonika service allows residential and business customers with a Romtelecom fixed line subscription to save 20% on their national long distance calls and 40% on international calls. Using Eufonika, customers can talk longer and more often for the same price than ever before.


The EUfonika service, launched by Combridge, the Magyar Telekom Group's Romanian subsidiary, takes advantage of the progress Romania has made in telecom liberalization. EUfonika's favorable prices are supported by IP-based Next Generation Network (NGN) technology and an innovative business model that allows a flexible, streamlined organization to operate a high quality service in a most cost efficient way.