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Merck may sue Richter and Teva

Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD) Kft will examine whether Richter Gedeon Rt?s and Teva Hungary Rt?s new generic products violate Merck?s patent rights and take legal measures if necessary, Merck PR Director András Vajda told BBJ Online. The medications in question are Richter?s and Teva?s new drugs for the treatment of osteoporosis, which will be launched in the near future. ?Richter Gedeon acted in good faith and in line with the regulations lawful in the matter, as we have developed a new technology for producing the active ingredient,? Richter PR manager Zsuzsanna Beke said. Richter has not received a legal notice yet, Beke said. If Merck initiates a lawsuit and the court determines that Richter violated its existing patent rights, Richter will have to stop the distribution and production of the drug, Beke added. At Teva, no one was available for comment, as the spokesperson of the company was out of town. As reported earlier this week, both companies have announced plans to launch the new generic version of Merck?s patented drugs on the market.