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Italian suitor eyes Budapest Airport

An Italian strategic investor is showing interest in the privatization of Budapest Airport Rt, the operator of the Ferihegy International Airport, business daily Világgazdaság reported. The number of potential buyers is now more than seven. Save Spa, which operates the airports of Venice and Treviso, intends to join forces with a financial investor and submit a bid in the privatization of Budapest Airport, which has not been kicked off yet by the State Privatization and Holding Rt. (ÁPV). According to, nearly all of the traditional and budget airlines operating flights to Ferihegy are demanding that the airport operator lower the current Euro 13.35 fee by 50%. The airlines argue that due to the delayed reopening of Terminal 1, traffic is handled exclusively by 2/B, which has led to a critical situation at the airport. As yet, there is no agreement on which airlines will move their operations to the refurbished Ferihegy 1, which will serve as a budget airline terminal.