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Hungaryʼs central bank international reserves growing

The National Bank of Hungaryʼs (MNB) international reserves stood at EUR 23.059 billion at the end of March, up EUR 502.1 million from the end of the previous month, preliminary data cited by national news agency MTI shows.

The reserves were down EUR 309.8 mln from the end of 2017. In March, currency reserves, which include currency, deposits and securities, were at EUR 22.361 bln, up EUR 575.9 mln from February, and other reserve assets, which contain financial derivatives, receivables on active repo transactions and loans to non-bank non-residents, decreased EUR 72.3 mln to EUR 229 mln.

Monetary gold reserves stood at EUR 106 mln, down EUR 0.5 mln from the previous month. Reserve positions at the International Monetary Fund were down EUR 1 mln at EUR 354 mln and the value of SDRs at the IMF stood unchanged at EUR 9 mln.