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Hungarian Socialists catch up with Fidesz's advantage

According to the most recent Szonda Ipsos poll Hungary's Socialist Party, the larger of the government's two member ruling coalition, narrowed the lead of the largest opposition party, Fidesz, to its smallest in two years. Support of Socialists rose to 25% among eligible voters in September, from 24 % in August while the number of Fidesz voters fell to 28% from 29%, according to a survey of 1,500 voters September 10-18. The survey has a margin of error plus or minus 2.5%. The number of voters without a party preference fell to 38 % in September from 40 % in August. Among those naming a party Fidesz's lead fell to 4 percentage points from 12 percentage points a month earlier. In this group, the Socialists climbed to 43 % from 39 % and Fidesz-support fell to 47% from 5%. Parliamentary elections are due in seven months. Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany's cabinet wants to be the first reelected government since the country shed communism in 1989.