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Horizon Development Announces Bentley Home Partnership at EXPO REAL

Last week’s EXPO REAL featured a truly engaging Budapest-stand with numerous projects presented by developers active in the capital and regional cities of Hungary.

Co-exhibitors also participated in thought-provoking panels moderated by the Financial Times and CBRE. Attila Kovács MRICS (managing partner, Horizon Development) elaborated on his views about the impact of the sharing economy on the real estate sector and made a newsworthy announcement about his company’s recently closed partnership with the Bentley Home brand.

When tackling the issues related to our new mindset about the use of office space, Attila Kovács used Szervita Square Building as his benchmark example. He argued that with co-working, collaboration and community gaining a new momentum in the office sector, all trades related to the building industry – including building design, interior design, property development, construction and even property valuation – will need to cater to the new trends and tenant needs.

With Szervita Square Building featuring a mixed-use function (office, retail and luxury residential), placemaking in the service and residential sectors also came to the forefront of discussions. Attila Kovács – an architect by trade – shared a recent development regarding his ongoing project: “We are absolutely thrilled to have concluded an exclusive partnership with Bentley Home. As the first and only project in Europe, our Szervita Luxury Residences will exclusively carry the name ‘Furnished by Bentley Home’. We found EXPO REAL the perfect international platform to make this announcement, and to start branding and marketing our top-quality premium residences. Bentley Home is the most exquisite brand to introduce a new definition of luxury interior to downtown Budapest. With its aesthetic heritage rooted in the British automobile brand, it adds a contemporary, cosmopolitan flair, sophisticated finishes and fine materials to our project.”