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Gresham Budapest ranks 1st of the best hotels

The Four Seasons Gresham Palace in central Budapest was ranked the world's best hotel this year by the Robb Report luxury magazine, national daily Népszabadság reported. The five-star luxury hotel boasting Art Deco style with Art Nouveau furnishings took the first place ahead of the Bulgari Hotel in Milan and the Faena Hotel Universe in Buenos Aires in the prestigious paper of the world's well-off. Prices in the one-year old luxury hotel, with an exquisite view of Budapest's picturesque Buda hills and the historic Buda Castle range from euro 250 to euro 4,200 per night, the latter to be paid for a royal suite. High prices are however not a deterrent to visitors, of whom only 50% are businessmen, the rest are tourists. Most of the guests arrive from the United States and Great Britain.