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First Zalahús property for sale

Liquidator company Vectigalis Rt is offering Zalahús Rt's first property for sale, liquidation officer Márta Péter said to business daily Napi Gazdaság. The site to be sold is in Becsehely, 60 km from Zalaegerszeg and used to be a cow site. Its area is over 9 hectares and the target price is Ft 118 million. Tenders can be submitted until mid-September. Though Zalahús is still a working company there will be further properties detached from Zalahús, said Vectigalis CEO Jeno Varga. Meat processing plant in Nagykanizsa and the HQ in Zalaegerszeg will be sold as separate units. He said that Zalahús used to produce about Ft 10 billion sales revenue. Now the company has over Ft 3.5 billion debt of which Ft 1.8 billion is a mortgage loan.