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Fidesz urges PM to give final word on euro adoption date

The main opposition Fidesz party is calling on Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány to decide when he wanted Hungary to adopt the euro, Fidesz MP and leader of the party's economic group Mihály Varga said at the parliamentary group's meeting on Monday. Varga said the PM should finally decide if he wanted to support the introduction of the euro and the budget to go with it, or if he wished to continue to keep the date of adoption in the air. Varga said the government's economic policy in the past three and a half years had been a failure and as such, cannot be of help in meeting the goal of taking Hungary into the eurozone.
Early in October, Gyurcsány said the government would give consideration to postponing the targeted date of 2008 for Hungary to meet Maastricht criteria for introducing the euro two years later. The government must compare benefits with drawbacks by the end of the year, Gyurcsány said.