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Fidesz still poll-leader

Main opposition party Fidesz is still the most popular party according to a poll by Marketing Centrum (MC) between October 20 and 26, although its lead has decreased from September, daily Népszabadság reported.
Centre-right Fidesz polled 40% and the senior governing left-wing party MSZP 33%, from among those who said they would cast a vote and know which party to choose. In September, MC found 41% in favour of Fidesz, while MSZP support was at 32%.
MSZP leads the polls among people with a keen interest in
politics -- those aged over 60 and those living in Budapest -- but
Fidesz is more popular in small villages, among regular church-goers and those aged under 30, the poll indicates.
In addition, among those who said they would cast a vote but
have no party preference, the majority would prefer to see the
current coalition stay in government after the elections, Népszabadság reported, quoting MC. The smaller governing party SZDSZ received 5 % and the smaller opposition MDF only 3% among decided voters, said the MC poll. According to a poll prepared by the Hungarian Gallup Institute in early October, the Socialists took the lead with 45% versus 44% for Fidesz among people who said they were definitely going to vote and had a clear party preference. Another pollster, Tarki-Századvég, reported on October 27 that among committed voters, MSZP had 46% as against Fidesz's 43%.