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Ferihegy Airport nears saturation point

Passenger traffic and the number of flights using Ferihegy International Airport rose 32.9% and 26.6% in January yr/yr, respectively, operator Budapest Airport Rt said. In the meantime, cargo traffic increased by 13%. In 2004, 28.6% more air passengers landed in Budapest than a year ealier, while the volume of cargo grew 20.3% on 2003. These figures compare with 9% and 8.5% average growth rate in the EU. Growth was propeled by the passenger traffic generated by discount airlines, which jumped tenfold to 982,000. However, traditional airlines also carried 11% more passengers to Budapest than in the previous year. The management of the State Privatization and Holding Rt (ÁPV), which exercises the ownership rights, approved Budapest Airport?s 2005 business plan on January 27, in which the company set targets at 18% increase in passenger traffic and 10% cargo traffic growth