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EU frees more radio spectrum to spur growth of wireless devices

European Union regulators opened up more radio spectrum in a bid to spur development of wireless consumer electronics such as laptop computers, mobile telephones and digital cameras.

The European Commission outlined common rules for using ultra-wideband technology in the next generation of wireless devices across the 27-nation EU. UWB allows wireless data transmission at relatively high rates comparable to cable devices. „Ultra-wideband technology can extend the information society in many areas,” EU Telecommunications Commissioner Viviane Reding said in a statement today in Brussels. „It is important that we establish a functioning single market for these devices.” The commission, the EU's regulatory arm, is seeking to encourage new services in a radio frequency-based communications market valued at between €240 billion ($315 billion) and €260 billion last year. Yesterday, the commission freed frequency bands for mobile satellite communications. The UWB decision is important for the „increasingly bandwidth-hungry” consumer-electronics industry, said the commission. EU governments have six months to enact the decision. (Bloomberg)