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Drug recycling program successful

The program of collecting expired medicines from citizens for recycling has been successful in its first four months, Environment Minister Miklós Persányi told reporters in a pharmacy in Budapest on Saturday. Since last December, people have returned 50 tons of old drugs considered to be hazardous waste to the special collection boxes set up at 2,600 pharmacies, Persányi said. Pharmacies involved in the program are hoping to collect at least 300 tons of a total of 2,000 tons of hazardous drugs piling up in households each year. Persányi called the public initiative a success, since the law requires the recycling of used batteries and farming chemicals only. The collecting and recycling of drugs is carried out by a not-for-profit firm, Recyclomed, and its operation costs of Ft 200 million a year is financed jointly by Hungary's 200 drug-makers.