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Demonstrators to distribute petition in 24 countries

Demonstrators at parliament in Budapest plan to send copies of a petition containing their demands to the embassies of twenty-four countries that are located in Budapest, to the president, and to the speaker of parliament. The announcement was made by attorney László Nagy, an author of and signatory to the petition, who read it aloud on the square in front of parliament on Tuesday night. The petition classifies the current government as illegitimate and demands its resignation from parliament and the executive within 48 hours. It also demands that parliament take a vote of non-confidence in the government of Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány. As citizens, they ask that the government coalition be paralyzed and prevented from taking any further action. They also call on armed forces and law enforcement personnel to join the demonstration. The petition charges the Prime Minister with criminal responsibility for government to date, stating that he committed election fraud in the 2006 elections. Nagy said the crowd in front of parliament adopted the petition by consensus on Monday and Tuesday. The assault on public television headquarters last night occurred because the television refused to air their demands. Public radio, however ran a recording of their demands. Nagy defended several political representatives of the extreme right in the 1990s. (Mti)