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Consumer protection cracks down on junk food

The National Consumer Protection Association (OFE) expects the Education Ministry to take steps to restrict the range of food products available at school canteens later this month, the organization said. In August, OFE warned about kids? unhealthy eating habits at school, claiming that the unwelcome trend has a lot to do with the assortment of foods offered by school canteens, which is typically heavy on chips, sweets and soft drinks. ?The health of our youth, which crucially depends on healthy nutrition, is a cause of national interest. School canteens should offer a choice of dairy and bakery products, or better still, sandwiches, fruits and natural fruit juices, instead of selling calorie-rich junk food,? OFE argued. The organization called on the ministry to follow the French example where the government has recently banned vending machines dispensing soft drinks, chips and sweets. The Education Ministry has looked into the matter and invited the association to help draft new rules of operation for school canteens. OFE would also welcome new regulations for school cafeterias.