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Businesses spend Ft 300 mln-400 mln on public health this year

Businesses in Hungary have contributed Ft 300 million-Ft 400 million to public health costs this year, complimenting state funding of more than Ft 15 billion, government commissioner for health Mihály Kökény announced on Thursday. Civil organisations were able to apply for a combined Ft 140 million in heat costs this year, contributing an additional 10%-25% of project costs as self-financing, head of the foundation "Let's Do Something About our Health" (TESz) Gabriella Kovács said. Health Minister Jenő Rácz said Hungary's public health programme aims to increase average life expectancy in the country by three years in ten years' time. Average male life expectancy in Hungary is 65 years, eight years under the EU average. Female life expectancy is 74 years, four years lower than the EU average.