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Balaton airport to receive new flights

The Fly Balaton Airport company has reached an advanced stage of negotiations with low-cost airline companies on launching a new flight between Sármellék near
Lake Balaton and London next April, Világgazdaság said on Friday. István Zóka, operating director of the company, however, declined to disclose which companies they were negotiating with, the paper said. Malév Hungarian Airlines could also launch new flights from the Balaton airport. Plans are afoot to operate five scheduled flights, for instance to Copenhagen, Berlin and perhaps Frankfurt, Leipzig and Friedrichshafen, he said. The first scheduled flight, an aircraft of the Swiss no-frills Helvetic Airways, touched down on Fly Balaton airport in June. A
month later Malév launched a service to Stuttgart, its first scheduled international flight from a Hungarian airport other than Budapest's Ferihegy.