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Almost two-thirds of SMEs plan investments

Around 62% of SMEs are planning on investing in the next 12 months, compared to the 50% who had investment plans a year ago, according to selected data from K&H Bankʼs survey of SME confidence published on Monday.

A third of companies want to invest in machinery purchases and IT upgrades. Around 26% want to buy vehicles and 19% are planning real estate investments, national news agency MTI reported, summarizing the results of the survey.

A breakdown by size shows that investment mood is strongest among medium-sized enterprises. Some 91% of these, 66% of small enterprises and just 54% of micro-enterprises plan to make investments.

A breakdown by sectors shows that 72% of industrial SMEs have plans to invest in the next year; the rate is 60% for companies in the service sector, 58% for those in the retail sector and 57% for the agricultural sector.

K&H conducts the SME survey on a quarterly basis in collaboration with market researcher GfK Hungary. It surveys 500 companies based in Hungary with annual revenues of less than HUF 2 billion. The latest survey was conducted between August 28 and September 12.