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Three in 10 Hungarian smartphone users ‘addicted’ to device

About 29% of Hungarian smartphone users say they are "addicted" to their devices, well under the 42% average for the region, shows a survey commissioned by Chinese telecommunications equipment manufacturer Huawei and conducted by pollster Ipsos.   

Almost two-thirds of respondents said they use their phones actively for as much as 3-8 hours per day, while half of respondents said they try to apply self-imposed time limits for smartphone usage. Around 30% said they couldnʼt go without their phones for more than 20 hours, state news wire MTI reported in a summary of the survey.

The survey found that 38% of users check their phones for alerts or messages more than once an hour. Even when asleep, 81% of users said they keep their phones within armʼs reach, while 45% check them first thing when they wake up.

The survey showed that 83% of smartphone owners use their device for taking photos, 77% for text messaging, 76% for social media, 62% for voice calls, and 55% for gaming.

Ipsos conducted the survey of 501 Hungarian smartphone users in January. Huawei compiled data from more than 6,000 respondents in 12 European countries.

Social media lead the way in mobile apps

According to a separate survey by eNET conducted in December 2017, reported by MTI Tuesday, the three most popular types of apps for smartphones in Hungary are apps for social media, communication and navigation, used by 90%, 81% and 71% of users, respectively.

Based on online research, some 85% of adult Hungarian internet users reported using a smartphone last December, representing around 4.7 million users, said the eNET research.

Among social media apps, Facebook is used on 86% of smartphones, while Twitter is used by 22%, and LinkedIn by 16%. For photo sharing, Instagram takes the lead with a usage rate of 34%, followed by Pinterest (25%), and Snapchat (13%).

Facebook also leads the field in online messaging apps, with 80% of users sending messages via Messenger installed on their phone. Viber is used by 62%, Skype by 39%, and WhatsApp by 20%.