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These were the online shopping habits in 2019

While Black Friday remained the most popular period for online shopping in Hungary in 2019, an increasing number of people order products from the internet around Valentineʼs Day and Halloween, according to research by fulfillment logistics company iLogistic. 

The company, which handles fulfillment logistics for more than 70 e-commerce businesses in Hungary, says that the main season for online shopping in Hungary runs between September and February. 

Within that time frame, peaks were observed around Black Friday, and one week before Valentineʼs Day. In the latter period, the sales of small, lower-value presents go up significantly, according to iLogistic. The company says that the most popular items ordered included unicorn slippers, heart-shaped pillows, and gift-wrapped beauty products.

During the summer, the demand for products related to cars, outdoors, and leisure activities increase significantly. At the end of the summer, Hungarians tend to shop for school supplies, clothes, as well as bedsheets. The research argues that the demand for bedsheets is driven by students who are moving away from home, either into dormitories or rented apartments.

More than 40% of online orders for consumer electronics were submitted from Budapest last year, iLogistic says. On the other end of the spectrum, only every 10th person ordering a car-related product was from the capital.

Other product categories overwhelmingly popular in Budapest include dietary supplements, bio products, and Apple products. The demand for moderately-priced clothes and jewelry was significantly higher in the countryside.