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OSCE report released on the Hungarian elections

The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) has released its report on the general elections held in Hungary earlier this year. While the system showed no major flaws, the opportunities were not the same for all participants.

The elections in April this year were democratic, but the participating parties did not have equal opportunities, a report released by the OSCE says, as cited by TV station RTL Klub.

The OSCE found that the electoral campaign of the ruling party Fidesz and the government melded together; the public media was biased and informed unilaterally about the programs of the parties, so the voters could not make a well-founded decision; voters with dual citizenship and those living abroad, but bearing a Hungarian address, could not vote the same way as those in Hungary.

The report recommends the government makes efforts to ensure the independence of the public media.

The government did not comment on the critical parts of the report, but said that the OSCE wants to put pressure on Hungary.