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Online sales of sports equipment soar, study says

Hungarian online shoppers have been buying more fitness equipment since the announcement of the state of emergency, according to a study by European shopping platform ShopAlike.

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The analysis suggests that the popularity of home gym equipment has increased among Hungarians, especially in the wake of the governmentʼs introduction of restrictions on movement.

The sharpest increase in sales (3660.26%) was observed in the case of dumbbells. The popularity of fitness trampolines is also high, with sales increasing by 747.83%

Items related to less physically-demanding sports have also become sought-after. Products relating to table tennis, foosball, darts, and billiards saw a 288.86% increase in sales on average.

Average sales of skill development games, such as puzzles, have increased by 545.6% on average.

ShopAlike argues that an increased demand for pools and jacuzzis (up 158.27%) shows that Hungarians are already gearing up for the summer months.

The study also reveals that sports equipment and skill development games are also soaring in popularity on ShopAlikeʼs Austrian platform.