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Number of smartphone users in Hungary exceeds 5 mln

The number of smartphone users in Hungary totals 5.3 million, equaling 89% of all internet users in the country, with Samsung maintaining its strong position among manufacturers and Android dominating the operating system market.

The number of smartphone users is up by 800,000 since 2017, according to a survey by internet researcher and consultant eNET. Nine out of ten smartphone owners use Wi-Fi connections to get on the internet. Their number increased by over 700,000 in 2017 to 4.9 mln by 2019. The number of mobile internet connection users went up even faster, by 1.7 mln to almost 4.5 mln since April 2017. This latter figure equals 85% of respondents to eNETʼs survey.

Prime daily online activities include browsing (72%), online messaging with an app (68%), and using social media (67%), eNET says. Some 71% of smartphone owners never turn off their devices, 55% keep their phones next to their bed at night, and 25% even take them to the toilet, the research finds.

Regarding the operating systems installed on respondents’ phones, Android remains the most popular. The ratio of Android users has increased from 78% to 85% since 2017. Second place is held by iOS with 11%, followed by the 3% share of Windows Phone.

Concerning smartphone brands, Samsung leads (currently 34%), Huawei is second (23%), and Apple is third (11%). Huawei phones have proliferated the fastest in recent years in Hungary; however, eNET notes, it is worth considering the United Statesʼ blacklisting of the Chinese company in the spring of 2019. The planned sanctions have meanwhile been withdrawn, so Huawei may continue using Android as the operating system of its handsets.

Meanwhile, the Chinese company has developed its own operating system, dubbed Harmony OS, for various smart devices. The development of that system presumably continues behind the scenes, includes a range of proprietary applications. These efforts are aimed at preparing for any future sanctions by the U.S., which may endanger Huawei’s second place among smartphone manufacturers in Hungary, notes eNET.

According to eNET’s research, price remains the main consideration when people buy a smartphone (85%), followed by technical features (82%), and the operating system (75%).