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Number of part-time job postings on the rise

The number of part-time job postings by Hungarian companies is on the rise, according to Q2 2019 data by job search portal

The other significant development is the increase of applicants for healthcare industry positions. says that the total number of applicants was up 10% year-on-year, while the number of submitted applications was up 15% compared to the same period of 2018. This reveals that one applicant usually applied for more jobs than last year.

The largest increase (33%) in applications was registered in the healthcare sector. Engineering jobs and manual labor positions were also on the rise, increasing by 23% each. The largest growth in terms of job postings was observed in the engineering, manual labor, finance, and the hospitality sectors.

In total, the number of part-time job postings grew by 36%, meaning that the accounted for 7% of all postings in Profession.huʼs database in Q2 2019. In Q2 2018, they accounted for only 5%. The number of such job ads grew fastest in the sales sector (up 174%), with manual labor growing the second fastest (92%).

Salary Information

While the number of job listings containing salary information only grew by 1% in total, the rate grew sharply in certain sectors. For example, in the case of salesclerks, the number of listings with wage information tripled. However the average pay for the position also grew exponentially, up from HUF 135,000 to HUF 180,000 in a year.

While says that the effects of Bavarian automotive giant BMW cannot yet be felt, there are interesting changes going on in Hajdú-Bihar county (the German automaker will build its factory in the county seat, Debrecen). The number of listings grew by 3% in total, but the growth rate was 32% in engineering and 33% in manufacturing.