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Most employers fail to support sporty staff

While about half of employees engage in sports regularly, about 74% of Hungarian employers fail to provide any kind of support for sporting activities for their workers, and only 31% of employees have the opportunity for sports at or near their workplace, according to research by jobs website

The findings also reveal that the rate of employees who do sports regularly stands at 52%, with 50% able to exercise two or three times a week, compared to 47% last year. Some 34% of those who work six hours per day do sports four times a week.

The majority of respondents said they exercise in the evening (65%), but freelancers and part-time workers often choose to do their exercises in the morning and during the daytime.

At the same time, compared to 24% last year, only 21% now claimed that they use sports as a form of relaxation or stress relief. Interestingly, just 7% of those who work four hours a day said they use sports to this end. A mere 15% go for short walks when suffering from workplace pressure.

Apart from the 74% who say their workplace does not support their sporting activities, 25% say that their job actually hinders them from doing sports. However, the fact that 55% of workplaces offer showers may indicate a shift in the trend, notes the research.