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More Hungarians are able to go on holiday

A study conducted by credit company Provident among its customers revealed that the number of Hungarians going on holiday has risen compared to two years ago, and they save the money for this during the proceeding months.

The study, conducted among 1,000 Provident customers shows that Hungarians on average spend less than HUF 200,000 on a holiday, but also that 13% are able to make trips several times a year, according to a press release sent to Budapest Business Journal.

While in 2016, half of respondents said they planned to go on holiday, this year almost two-thirds said they go on vacation regularly. Almost half, 46%, picked a domestic target for this yearʼs holiday, a huge increase compared to 26% two years ago. As for foreign travel, 17% are planning this, a 5% increase in two years.

The customers surveyed prepare for the expenses well in advance. They save each month for the holiday and only 21% save for 2-3 months. Most of the respondents spend between HUF 100,000 and HUF 200,000 during holiday, and only 6% HUF 300,000. Half of the families  have to make an effort to save but say they can cope with it, and 26% have no problem saving for their holiday budget.

Families not only need to save for the vacations spent together; summer camps for the children are also a burden. More than half (56%) of families send their children to a camp during the summer. About 47% of the respondents spend HUF 20,000-30,000 on summer camps, and 19% more than HUF 50,000.