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Money not the only motivation for employees

Money is not always the only factor for a satisfied employee. Similarly important elements are family-friendly allowances and more leisure time, says a report in business daily Világgazdaság.

Above a certain wage level in Western Europe, free time becomes more important than money, László Ács, former HR director at Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Hungary Kft., told Világgazdaság. In many sectors in France, working hours are 35 hours per week, while in Germany unions have succeeded in obtaining even fewer working hours in some regions.

Regarding family-friendly allowances, in Hungary there are differences depending on whether those concerned are white-collar or blue-collar employees. In the case of the former, flexible working hours are generally accepted, as well as home office working and, in some cases, four-day weeks. Employers need to offer these conditions, as a highly skilled labor force is increasingly difficult to hire, and valuable employees must be kept.

Flexible work or family-friendly measures are more difficult to implement with blue-collar employees working in three shifts, but in some cases - for medical checks or private issues - employees can take a day off. Cafeteria benefits, as well as nursery and kindergarten facilities in the workplace, are also motivating factors, Ács noted.