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Infection of family members named as greatest COVID-19 fear

Some 47% of Hungarians say their greatest coronavirus-related fear is a family member becoming infected, while only 24% say that they are most worried about catching the virus themselves, according to a survey by CIB Bank.

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The second-largest fear, picked by 32% of the surveyed, is the failure of the healthcare system to provide adequate care for them and their families.

More than half of the 4,500 respondents say that salaries either are or will likely be affected by the economic consequences of the pandemic. On the other hand, 38% do not expect their income to change. 

On a positive note, every third person argues that they wish to save more money in the future, learning from the effects of the epidemic. Some 40% are worried about losing their job in a COVID-19 induced economic crisis.

Approximately 48% of people "just want their old lives back", but a slim majority (51%) say that they will incorporate some changes in their lifestyle brought about by coronavirus. About two-thirds say that they are taking care of more things online, while 42% pay more attention to their health. Additionally, some 40% note that they want to live a more environmentally-conscious life, and 34% are planning to spend more time with their family members.

"We have learned a lot about ourselves and the world in recent months, and while the epidemic is not over yet, it is important that we draw conclusions now and become better prepared for the future in all areas," argues Norbert Vasas, head of asset management at CIB Bank. "We advise our clients to pay special attention to increasing their savings. We can help them with a number of products, services, and advice, even without visiting our branches, by phone or digital channels."