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Hungary has nearly 1.2 mln households with children

There are 1,191,900 households with dependent children in Hungary, amounting to approximately 28.9% of all households in the country, near the EU average of 29.2%, according to Eurostat, the EUʼs statistical agency.

Illustration: Pixabay

Among all member states, Ireland recorded the highest proportion of households with children (39%), ahead of Cyprus, Poland and Slovakia (all 36%), and Romania (35%). The lowest shares were registered in Germany and Finland (both 22%), followed by Sweden (23%), Austria (25%), and Bulgaria (26%).

At the EU level, almost half of all households with children (47%, or 30.6 million households) contained only one child, while 40% of such households (25.8 mln) had two children, and 13% (8.5 mln) three children or more.

In Hungary, 606,300 households (50.9% of households with children) had just one child, 413,500 (34.7%) had two, while 172,200 (14.4%) had three children or more.

The highest share of households with three or more children was registered in Ireland (26%), followed by Finland (19%), Belgium and France (both 18%), the Netherlands (17%), and the United Kingdom (16%). On the other hand, less than one-tenth of households had three or more children in Bulgaria (5%), Portugal (7%), Spain and Italy (both 8%), and Lithuania (9%).