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Hungary boasts worldʼs second best mobile video network

Hungary is the second best country on the planet for watching online videos on a phone due to the availability of rapid 4G networks and high-quality smartphone video services, according to a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal by U.K.-based OpenSignal, a company specializing in wireless coverage mapping.

According to research by OpenSignal, Hungary offers the second best option for viewing online videos on smartphones, with only the Czech Republic achieving a higher score. The research involved 69 countries in total, of which only 11 achieved a "very good" rating.

Hungary achieved a total score of 67.89 points out of a possible 100, a score high enough to beat countries such as Norway, which achieved 67.41 points. The networks of Germany, Romania, Poland and France were all given a sub-60 score, consigning them to mid-table.

"I wholeheartedly agree with the creators of the report on the view that itʼs not the speed that is the most important for our clients, but the quality of the online experience, when they are streaming, chatting, and using social media," commented Jan Hanuš, CEO of Telenor Hungary. "I am very proud that these two countries are the best in terms of mobile video experience... we are going to do everything in the future to provide a world-class mobile network experience for the Hungarian people."

The reportʼs authors emphasize that providing high-speed connections is not enough to allow users to enjoy online videos in good quality. Therefore, the research scored for the achievable definition, loading times of videos, and the possibility of videos becoming frozen. The results are based on data deriving from measurement applications on eight million devices, totaling 87 billion measurements. The research was conducted between May 14 and August 11, 2018.

The reportʼs authors also measured the average 3G/4G download speed, with Hungary achieving seventh place with a result of 31.93 Mbps.