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Hungarians want more vacation days -

Some 48% of employees in Hungary think that their available days of vacation are not enough, and yet 23% fail to use all of their days off, according to research by job search portal

In 2014, the rate of those who were dissatisfied with the number of vacation days was only 40%. On the other hand, the rate of those who failed to use all their available vacation days stood at 31%.

Some 24% of respondents in the latest survey said they have total control over the timing of their paid leave, while 53% have a decisive influence over the decision. About 20% reported they have only a little say in the matter, while 4% have absolutely no control over the timing of their vacations.

About 49% said they have encountered problems with their superiors not allowing them to take a vacation at their chosen time. Some 21% of respondents complained that while their request was initially approved for the chosen days, approval was withdrawn later.

Approximately 33% said they had to interrupt their vacation for work-related reasons, a measurable improvement compared to the 41% rate registered five years ago. Nearly 17% of those surveyed were unable to take at least 60% of their vacation days off. The two most common reasons for this were the amount of work that needed to be done, and the inability to find a replacement at their workplace.

The number of those who spent their days off at home fell considerably, from more than 60% in 2014, to about 40% in 2019. Some 41% of employees reported that they only took days off on paper, meaning that they had to work during their vacation, a 12 percentage-point decrease compared to 2014.