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Hungarians drink annual 50 mln liters of energy drinks

Hungarians drank some 50 million liters of energy drinks between June 2018 and May 2019, to the value of HUF 32 billion, according to a report by market research company Nielsen. 

Nielsen says the data suggest a 15% increase in value, and an 8% growth in volume year-on-year. The almost 50 million liters means about 171 million individual product units.

Most Hungarians prefer energy drinks that come in 250 ml portions, contain sugar, and have no special flavors. More than 90% prefer cans to bottles, and similarly 90% of products come in 200-250 ml units. About 60% come without extra flavor, with only apple-flavored drinks being notably popular.

Energy drink consumption has been growing consistently in the last few years, with sales skyrocketing around May and reaching their peak around July-August, when one-fifth of turnover in both value and quantity takes place.

"The summer period has a notably good effect on energy and sports drink purchases," says Dóra Hajnal, leading adviser at Nielsen. "Hungarians usually ʼrespect traditionsʼ during shopping in this category: sugary, canned, manufacturer brand drinks without extra flavors dominate."

In territorial terms, Budapest is the hotspot for energy drink consumption, with almost one-third of turnover realized in the capital. The northeast and northwest regions of the country account for around one-quarter each.