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Hungarian householdsʼ material welfare trails regional peers

Hungaryʼs Actual Individual Consumption (AIC), a measure of the material welfare of households, was 63% of the European Union average last year, at purchasing power parity, shows a report released Tuesday by Eurostat, the EUʼs statistics office.   

Among other countries of the CEE region, Lithuania had the highest AIC index, at 88% of the EU average, followed by the Czech Republic (80%), Slovenia (77%), Poland and Slovakia (both 76%), Estonia (72%), Latvia (70%), and Romania (68%). Below Hungary were Croatia (61%) and Bulgaria (55%).

Compared to the previous report, in 2016, the Hungarian AIC remained unchanged. Romania, however, registered a big increase, from 61% of the average in 2016 (then below Hungary) to 68%, now well ahead of Hungary.

Hungaryʼs GDP per capita, also at purchasing power parity, stood at 68% of the EU average, according to the report.