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HUF 104 mln unspent on Sziget FestiPay cards last year

Festival-goers left more than HUF 104 million unspent on their FestiPay cards at 2018ʼs Sziget Festival, with the money staying in the system as there is no possibility for transferring it back to users other than doing so on site, news portal reports.

The FestiPay system offers cashless payment at a number of large festivals in the country including Sziget, VOLT, and Balaton Sound.

The total value of transactions at Sziget reached multiple billions of forints. While the amount left on FestiPay cards is high, it is much lower than in 2017, when festival-goers left HUF 261 mln unspent on their cards. The report notes that this might be a result of users becoming more conscious and the system functioning better.

Sziget received HUF 15.66 billion of income in total last year, up from HUF 12.53 bln in 2017. Ticket sales amounted to HUF 10.26 bln of the total, up from HUF 7.69 bln two years ago.

The net result last year amounted to HUF 1.42 bln, 100% of which which was paid out in dividends.