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Fidesz support increases further among voters

Two months after the parliamentary elections the support of the ruling parties has grown even further, while the opposition lost popularity. Many more have become undecided or listing no party preference, at least in polls.

Graphic: party preferences of all voters in June (source:

According to a poll conducted by Závecz Research between June 4-11 with a participation of 1,000 respondents, the percentage of the undecided is now 37% among all voters, compared to 30-33% measured before the elections. Fidesz still has a significant lead, of 33% before the second ranking Jobbik, with 13% support.

This is very much similar to the figures in March, three weeks before the elections, when Fidesz and Jobbik stood at 32% and 14% respectively among all voters. The other parties have all lost support: MSZP (Socialists) slipped from 9% in March to 6% now and LMP  (Politics Can Be Different, a green-conservative party) dropped from 5% to 3%.

Among committed voters, Fidesz support has grown massively, from 47% in March to 55% in June. Jobbikʼs support shrunk somewhat from 19% to 17%. The Socialists lost 4%, now at 9%, the Democratic Coalition 2%, now at 6%, and LMP 1%, to 5% in June.

According to Závecz Research, the erosion of the opposition parties support and the migration to "undecided" is the due the bitterness of voters (mainly residents of Budapest and with a university degree) caused by the lack of numbers to challenge the Fidesz majority.