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EU regulation boosts Hungarian data roaming usage

According to research by Telenor, data usage by Hungarians while visiting other European countries has grown exponentially since the introduction of the European Union’s “Roam Like at Home” regulation.

While data usage had already been steadily growing before the introduction of the regulation, which did away with extra tariffs while surfing the web abroad, the numbers have skyrocketed since the new rules came into being in July 2017.

The findings of the study, conducted between January 2016 and May 2018 and investigating the roaming habits of Telenor clients, revealed that Hungarians used the most data roaming in Germany, followed by Austria, Italy, France, and Croatia. 

In popular holiday destinations, such as Croatia and Greece, data usage is significantly higher during the summer season than at any other time. In 2017, Telenor clients used 1,562 gigabytes of data per month during roaming sessions in EU27 countries. 

Hungarians visiting countries outside the free roaming zone have also consumed increasingly more data since 2016. The growth here, however, is not as dramatic. Interestingly, the top country for roaming data usage in this category is Iceland, followed by the United States, Switzerland, Serbia, and Turkey, with China not far behind in sixth place.