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Empty positions taking months to fill

Employers may need months to fill an empty position at their company, with most companies expecting the situation to become even worse, according to research by job search portal 


Still, advocates caution when picking candidates to fill positions. The choice is important, "As the personnel represent the core of a company," says Imre Tüzes, head of business development at "If the appropriate chairs are not filled by the matching talents, it could affect the companyʼs profitability and results."

In the case of entry-level positions, about three weeks might be enough to find somebody. On the other hand, the waiting time is longer in the case of skilled workers, amounting to about a month, the research says. 

The research says that finding experienced professionals and managers take especially long, with the search period taking up to two months.

Tüzes argues that "Five years ago, employers were in the focus of interest,  but now its all about candidates. The reason is, that the supply-demand balance has been upset: the number of available candidates is limited, while the employee uptake capability of businesses is growing. The race for candidates has begun."

About 54% of businesses included in the research say that they do not expect the employee search time to become any shorter in the near future.

Tüzes argues that the solution lies with skilled, talented recruiters.

"Every expert involved in recruiting and vetting has to know the online marketing tools very well, in order to make their work effective. The recruiters of today - and the future - are multitaskers: they are online marketers, salespeople, recruiters, and writers, all in one."