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Companies post more job ads as market tightens

According to job search website, the number of posted jobs and applications grew in number in 2018, with drivers and machinery operators getting better offers than ever due to ongoing labor shortages.


Both drivers and machine operators received offers of 15% higher wages than a year before. Workers in the latter category have a great variety of jobs to choose from, as listings for "machine operator" are the eighth most frequent, while the number of applications is still firmly outside the Top 20.

Physical and skilled workers also have more choices every day, says Quantity-wise, the top two positions were occupied by listings in these two categories. Companies were looking for 23% more skilled workers in 2018 than a year before, while the number of applications for such ads rose by 19%. In the case of physical workers, 10% more applied for 12% more job ads.

The greatest increase in demand for workers was seen in the categories of "hospitality" (31%), "administration, assistance, office work" (29%), and "healthcare and medicine" (25%). Applicants became more open for positions in the "hospitality" (27%), "agriculture and environment"(20%), and "skilled labor" categories.

On a different note, the summer hiring freeze and cutbacks by state institutions greatly affected the number of ads posted by these institutions, as well as the corresponding number of applications. In 2018, the number of ads was 45% lower, while the number of applications fell by 45%. According to the siteʼs analysts, the numbers are expected to normalize this year.

Apart from state institutions, there was a fall in ads posted by business support centers, as well as in the "IT programming and development" categories.

In the struggle for quality staff, more and more employers include salary information in their job postings. Data shows that including the wage might lead to as much as 72% more clicks on a given ad. Some 10% more companies posted job ads on the website than in 2017, while the number of applications grew by 5%.

In the last quarter of 2018, the site observed a marked increase of postings in several counties, such as Baranya (35%), Somogy (33%), Vas (28%), and the city of Győr (23%), compared to 2017.