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Average monthly fuel cost came to HUF 22,000 in 2018

The average monthly fuel consumption cost of Hungarian motorists in 2018 amounted to HUF 22,000, with 73% of car owners between 30 and 59 years of age using their vehicles multiple times a week, according to a survey by K&H Bank.

The ratio of those who drive regularly increased by 2% compared to 2017. According to the survey, in 2016, only 60% of car owners in the age group drove regularly.

There was some difference in car usage between the sexes last year, with 82% of men driving regularly, compared to only 65% of women. In the capital, the number of those who drove multiple times every week was just below 60%, while the ratio of regular drivers in western Hungary was above 80%.

The survey also notes that the average age of cars is around 13 years, somewhat lower than the official data of the Central Statistical Office (KSH), which puts the average age at more than 14 years. A disparity between regions is observable here as well, with 49% of those who live in eastern Hungary driving cars older than 15 years, while only 29% of cars in Budapest are above that age.

The monthly cost of HUF 22,000 is some 12% higher than a year before, which the survey claims is in line with the increase in fuel prices.

According to the KSH, the average price of petrol was HUF 381 per liter in 2018, with that of diesel coming to HUF 395 per liter, representing increases of 7% and 11%, respectively. About 19% of motorists spent HUF 20,000-30,000 on fuel per month, with 13% spending HUF 30,000-50,000, while 7% spent more than HUF 50,000.

Across the year, respondents drove about 16,000 kilometers on average, similar to the 2017 figure. On average, men drove more (20,000 km) and women less (12,000 km) per year.

K&H also asked drivers what they feared most about driving. The vast majority, 86%, claimed that they were most afraid of another driver causing damage to their vehicle. About 62% regarded someone breaking into their car as a significant threat, and 61% said they fear their car might break down on a domestic trip.

More than half of respondents (61% of women and 52% of men) said they were afraid of damaging their car themselves. Overall, 52% feared causing damage to someone elseʼs vehicle.