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AI could affect 900,000 jobs in Hungary

According to a study by PwC Hungary, the disruptive effects of Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be felt in Hungary starting by the 2030s, affecting the construction, processing and haulage industries in dramatic fashion.

“According to our estimates, AI will affect some 900,000 jobs in the next 15 years,” says Antal Kerekes, PwC Hungaryʼs partner responsible for tech advisory. “Due to the economic structure of the country, one can deduce that the largest portion of changes will be caused by the automation of manual tasks requiring high precision, as well as monotonic ones.”

“Regarding gender ratios, in the early period (2020-2030), the advancement of AI will affect female employees more, while males will be overwhelmingly affected during the third wave,” adds Gábor Riba, AI expert at PwC Hungary. “This means that due to lines of business dominated mostly by males being greatly affected, the future of males will be more significantly influenced by the effects of AI and automation.”