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7 out of 10 young employees expect a raise next year

Some 54% of employees in Hungary aged between 19-29 expect a small raise below the inflation rate, while 19% expect a significant wage hike, according to the K&H Youth Index.

The research reveals that 49% like their job, but the rate of people who see opportunities to advance their career at their current place of employment has shrunk from 32% in 2018 to 22% in 2019. Only 37% feel valued, while every fifth young employee wants to go abroad to work.

The average net wages of those between 20-29 years amounted to HUF 208,000 in Q1 2019, according to the Central Statistical Office. If the expectations of the youth are met, a wage increase of 1-3% would mean a new average of HUF 210,000-214,000. In the case of a 5% salary hike, it would mean an average of HUF 218,000, K&H.

The research also revealed that 64% believe that their jobs are stable, and one-third think that finding a new job would be easy. The latter opinion is held more particularly be men and those living in Central Hungary.