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Some 33,000 Hungarians abroad receive a pension

Almost 33,000 Hungarians living abroad receive pensions or “pension-like provisions” from Hungary, though significantly less in amount than their peers living here, according to statistics by the Central Statistical Office (KSH), Hungarian daily Magyar Idők reported today.

The majority of the recipients live in Germany, followed by Australia, Canada, the United States, Sweden, Slovakia and Austria, according to the daily.

Some 85% of the recipients, almost 30,000, are provided with retirement pension; approximately 2,500 people receive a pension as a widow and/or parent; while the rest receive pensions as orphan support, according to data by the KSH.

Significant differences are seen in service time between those who receive pensions abroad and here, though. Some 57 % of retired pensioners have served 35-44 years here in Hungary, while the majority of pensioners living abroad have only served 15 years. Therefore, pension recipients abroad receive almost HUF 45,000 in average, while their peers in Hungary receive, on average, HUF 109,000 per month, the KSH data shows, as reported by the daily.