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Hungary’s fifth Michelin star awarded to Costes Downtown

Hungarian restaurant Costes Downtown, located in the luxury Prestige Hotel in Budapest, has been awarded the fifth Michelin star in the city, according to Michelin’s “Main Cities of Europe” guide published yesterday. 

Chef Tiago Sabarigo working in the kitchen at Costes Downtown. (Photo: MTI/Szilárd Koszticsák)

Costes’ original restaurant on Ráday utca, known simply as Costes, was the first restaurant in Budapest to receive a Michelin star, in 2010, followed by Budapest restaurants Onyx, Borkonyha and Tanti. Costes Downtown, which opened a little over six months ago is overseen by chef Tiago Sabarigo.

Several new stars were also awarded in the region. Prague currently has three one-star restaurants, while Warsaw has two, but Budapest is currently in the lead with its five one-star eatieries, according to a report by published yesterday. 

A star from the Michelin guide denotes an exceptional restaurant, and it is considered a high honor, which means the starred restaurant is an important place to visit when in that country. Michelin awards as many as three stars, its top honor, which means the restaurant is so good it is worth traveling to the country simply to eat there.